Tuesday, August 25, 2015

HAUNTED HORROR #18 / Murder Mansion

We initially had a release date of August 26th for HAUNTED HORROR #18, but over at the Previews New Release site we've noticed that it's unfortunately not listed --so cross your fingers (and don't forget to invert them too) for next week! In the meantime, we still have a perfectly spooky preview of our own from HH18 for you to scream about-- it's an awesomely illustrated terror tale by the great Lee Elias, originally featured in the Nov. '51 issue of Witches Tales #6.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

COMPLETE VOODOO VOL. 1 / Gallow's Curse

Coming in October 2015, (and just in time for Halloween too!), Howlin' Mike Howlett returns to IDW / Yoe Books in a terrifying tag team-up with Uncle Craig for the first in an ongoing series of sickening full-run, pre-code horror collections! Complete Voodoo Volume One has all the lurid, pulpy gore and good girl art that anyone could ever (or never) hope to ask for! These infamous Iger Shop classics have been covered extensively here at THOIA over the years, so you know you're in for an awesome series of books! Today I've included a crazy puppet story from the January 1954 issue of Voodoo #13, (don't forget to check our previous post as well!) and click HERE for more info on this upcoming Chilling Archives of Horror Collection, and to pre-order your copy NOW!

Friday, August 7, 2015

They Couldn't Die! aka: There's Peril in Perfection!

One silly story with two terrific titles, first presented in the September 1952 issue of Voodoo #3, and then later re-printed, re-titled, and slightly re-colored for the January 1954 issue of Voodoo #13. I've included both title panels from the splash pages for comparison. More BIG news about the original VOODOO series coming soon from IDW / Yoe Books too-- stayed tombed!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

And the Blood Ran Green

One more scary sci-fi story for you guys, and also from the cool 'n creepy, and somewhat overlooked 70's Spacestream series by Whitman. And like our last tale, we find yet another eerie alien infection turning a routine exploration mission into a total freakin' nightmare-- this one adapted from "The Fear Planet", a really great story originally written by horror legend Robert Bloch.

From Starstream #4, (1976) with atmospheric art by Nevio Zaccara, and a freaky painted cover from Kees Romer.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Who Goes There?

Everyone's driving me crazy with their endless babble about the unbearable weather this summer. I guess we should all be glad we're not in Iran right now, where apparently it got up to a record breaking 165 degrees today! At least you could cook a kebab right ON the street. So, to help cool things down a bit, THOIA presents this finely frozen Whitman comic adaptation of John W. Campbell's "Who Goes There?", found in the pages of Starstream #1 from 1976-- art by Jack Abel. The contents page states: "The original, un-Hollywoodized version of the story on which the classic horror movie THE THING was based." Of course, a few years later we got the fantastic John Carpenter film, which is much closer to the Campbell version than the still cool Hawk's '51 version. (FYI: For a golden age ACG comic spin on this tale, check out "Beast from the Beyond" posted HERE waaaay back in 2007.) Anyway, maybe someday we'll get some more imitation visitations from The Thing on the big screen, but in the meantime, break-out the thermals and mittens, kittens, things are gonna get really chilly-willy around here!