Friday, September 19, 2014

Weird Vengeance / The Bloody Stream!

We're getting super excited about some of the upcoming Chilling Archives collections from IDW / Yoe Books, in particular Mike Howlett's Worst of Eerie Publications in stores November 11th (click HERE for more info and to pre-order NOW!) So today we have a couple o' Eerie Pub'ers from my battered 'n tattered copy of the April 1971 issue of Weird Vol. 5 #2. The first story is a complete reworking of Nick Frank's tale from the October 1952 issue of Weird Mysteries #1 (I actually meant to post this one with the Jack Davis "Arbor Day" story a few weeks ago for reasons apparent, see HERE), ---and the second yarn by Tony Mortellaro originally appeared in the January 1954 issue of Weird Mysteries #8. Both stories were retitled for the Eerie Pub versions as well.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Reluctant Ghost

A seance leads to doom and disaster, as usual, in this spooky Ken Rice illustrated tale from the January 1955 issue of The Beyond #30, --the very last issue from this great Ace Magazines series.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Forbidden Room!

Another Joe Certa story for ya today, this time from the May 1952 issue of Black Cat Mystery #35... looks like he might've got an assistant from Bob Powell in a few places here too-- the last panel on page two for example, maybe it's just me but she looks very much like a Powell babe.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Demon Flies!

After the Joe Certa love demonstrated in our last post comments, I've been going through my collection to see what else I can conjure up by him-- in the meantime, here's an encore presentation of one of his more horrific Harvey tales, originally posted here waaaay back in 2007 --and man, I'm just glad it's flies and not yellow jackets! From the March 1952 issue of Witches Tales #8.

Friday, September 5, 2014


Some terrific moments in this one, courtesy of the bold, no bullshit art stylings of Joe Certa. From the June 1953 issue of Harvey Comics' Black Cat #44.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Death's Round Trip

Drug experimentation that delivers you into the hands of Death himself! Doesn't sound too far fetched really-- so hang on for the ride of your afterlife in this lengthy, high adventure excursion into hellacious horror from the Sept '52 issue of Beware! Terror Tales #3.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


We interrupt our Beware Terror Tales-A-Thon to bring you this important news flash: Late Monday evening, Mr. Karswell was attacked by an angry swarm of deadly yellow jackets while mowing his backyard. Stung 18 times upon the legs, arms, (and everything in between--ick!), heavy doses of Prednisone and Waldryl (plus a couple Ultrams) were administered. An Epipen was ordered but not needed. Two days later, much progress has been made in the way of recovery, though there is still quite a bit of painful, uh, pain and redness around the ankles where a majority of the stingings occurred. Mr. Karswell hopes to return to the Beware Terror Tales shortly, --in the meantime, here's an encore presentation of the shiver inducing story HIVE! (art by Lee Elias) first posted here at THOIA waaaay back in 2008. From the March 1953 issue of Tomb of Terror #8.

No Joke-- OW!!!